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I have been flagged. What does that mean?

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2013 06:51PM PDT
Being flagged isn't as bad as it sounds.  If one of your responses has been flagged, it simply means we have run into some kind of issue with one or more of your responses, and we need you to re-record it.  Often, these problems are of a technical nature, but there are certainly other reasons for having a response flagged.

A good number of responses are flagged due to video problems.  If your webcam is glitching or lagging badly in a response, we often flag it so you can re-record it.  We may also flag responses if we can't see you on the video.  So if your room is too dark, the contrast is up too high, or if we can't see you for any other reason, we will flag the video and let you know.

Many other responses are flagged due to audio issues of some kind.  If your videos have stuttery audio, or the microphone on your webcam is too low or way too high, we'll flag the response.  

Other things are often common sense.  Excessive cursing or being off-topic during a response can get flagged as well.  The thing to keep in mind is to have the clearest and most concise responses as possible, and that includes how the video itself plays and looks in addition to the actual content of your response.

If you've been flagged, fixing the situation is pretty straightforward.  In the email informing you that you've been flagged, there should be a link to easily follow to your responses.  You can also access your responses from your profile's dashboard on  All you have to do is go to the flagged responses, press the re-record button, re-record your response, and then SAVE that new response.  Once you have successfully completed re-recording the flagged responses, and those new ones correct the problems, you'll receive an email letting you know that everything is fine, and that you should be expecting your money soon.

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