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I've been denied for a study. What does that mean?

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2013 05:34PM PDT
If you are denied for a study, don't take it personally.  You may have a lot of questions.  You may be asking, "Why was I denied," or, "What don't they like about me?"  Trust us, we like you just fine, and we love hearing from you.  Being denied from a study simply means that you didn't fit the exact criteria for the study, and understanding how that happens is pretty simple, so we'll walk you through it.

Researchers create surveys that are often designed to study something very specific.  This means that they need to fill the slots on their survey with people who fit the specific criteria they need to study.  When you apply for a study on MindSwarms, you are taken to a short questionnaire that asks you a few basic questions about yourself.  This is the "screener."  This is how the researchers break down the large group (everyone who wants to participate) into the smaller group (everyone who fits their specific criteria).  Those that fit all the qualifications of the researchers move on to participate in the final study.  Those that don't fit the criteria are denied.

But don't let it get you down!  Being denied for a study simply means you didn't fulfill their specific needs for their study.  People get denied for some studies for the same reason they are accepted for others: everyone is unique.  Everyone has different tastes and opinions, and they are all incredibly important, but different researchers are unique as well, and they require different people at different times.  So don't lose hope if you're denied for a study.  Come back next time there's an open study and try again!      

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