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Last Updated: Jun 09, 2013 06:18PM PDT
We get this question a lot.  People worry that they'll have to do something special to qualify, like dress up as Batman or sing and dance while twirling a baton.  We want to assure you up front that, while we do appreciate your unique talents and large inventory of super hero costumes, we are most interested in what you think and how well you are able to share those thoughts with our clients.  

We believe that everyone is an expert in something, whether that means expert business traveller, technology geek, or stay at home mom.  Our clients -- including product design firms, advertising agencies, and large corporations-- want to hear your thoughts and opinions about your unique expertise.  Ultimately, they will use what they learn from you to make better products, services, and advertising.

In the past, companies have used focus groups and surveys to obtain this information, but these forms of market research are often expensive and time consuming.  The MindSwarms platform enables companies to gather valuable qualitative data in an affordable, hassle-free way.

When a company wants to conduct market research, they pay us to set up a study for them.  Since we want to encourage you to participate in our studies, we pay you for your responses.  In the end, everyone wins-- the companies get their research data, we get business, and you get paid for answering seven questions via webcam.

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